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Christopher Paul Gauntlett

Christopher Paul Gauntlett

  • Constituency - 32, Southampton West

Chris Gauntlett has lived in Somerset all his life and possesses a great commitment to the people of the West End. Chris is a magnetic force with a deep desire to serve others. His public service career began after retiring from the Royal Bermuda Regiment after 15 years of service in various roles.

He holds a BA in English Literature from the University of Waterloo and is the owner of Blue Water Divers & Watersports in Sandys. As a small business owner in the tourism industry, he has intimate knowledge of the type experiences tourists want to enjoy. He is passionate about Bermuda’s environment and is an advocate for the preservation of historic shipwrecks and the fight against the invasive lionfish population. 

Chris is driven by honesty, integrity and a compulsion to do what is right, even if it isn’t what is easy.

Chris Gauntlett is the FDM candidate for Constituency #32, Southampton West.

Who We Are

The Free Democratic Movement (FDM) was consummated on September 1, 2020, as a direct response to the loud cries from the people of Bermuda for genuine leadership, understanding and representation.

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