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Desmond Crockwell

Desmond Crockwell

  • Constituency - 5, Hamilton West

Desmond Crockwell is all about relationship building.  With the community at the centre of his heart, he has spent 2 decades promoting social responsibility through various events, activities and programs. His passion to improve the community and particularly the minds of our young people speaks volumes about his character.

A single father, Desmond is committed to making a difference. He values honesty, integrity and transparency and believes strongly in the phrase “service above self”. He is always looking for ways to serve his family, friends, neighbours and fellow countrymen and women. 

Desmond Crookwell is the FDM Candidate for Constituency #5, Hamilton West.

Who We Are

The Free Democratic Movement (FDM) was consummated on September 1, 2020, as a direct response to the loud cries from the people of Bermuda for genuine leadership, understanding and representation.

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