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Dwain Smith

Dwain Smith

  • Constituency - 2 St George’s West

Dwain Smith is a true son of the soil. He grew up and spent most of his adult life living, working and contributing to the development of St. George’s. 

Dwain is a former member of the Bermuda Police Service and is currently an entrepreneur. He is the CEO of Investing in Care Safety & Security (ICSS), a company providing Bermudan with the peace of mind and security they deserve.

He has a passion for serving the elderly and the less fortunate in our communities, ensuring that they feel protected, represented and heard. One of his major projects was the introduction of Food

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The Free Democratic Movement (FDM) was consummated on September 1, 2020, as a direct response to the loud cries from the people of Bermuda for genuine leadership, understanding and representation.

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