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Enda Matthie

Enda Matthie

  • Constituency - 18, Pembroke South Central

Enda Mathie is an established leader in the field of Personal Transformation. Through her work and daily life, she has dedicated years to supporting spiritual growth and advancement for all. In 2010 Enda became a Certified Energy Healer through the Horizon Healing Center in Atlanta. 

In 2011 she established her company, Empress Gardens; an Institute of Personal Discovery and Development, and in 2012 she was awarded her Life Coach Certification from the Wainwright-Fowler Institute. By 2015, the successful growth of her start-up empowered her to establish her practice’s headquarters at Mount Hill, Pembroke, where she remains today.

Enda now turns to public service because she knows that the world is in a process of profound transformation and reformation which will require all people to adopt a new way of “being”. Her skills and experience place her in a unique position to guide and serve the people of Bermuda to prosperity and sustainable development. 

Edna Mathie is the FDM Candidate for Constituency #18, Pembroke South Central.

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The Free Democratic Movement (FDM) was consummated on September 1, 2020, as a direct response to the loud cries from the people of Bermuda for genuine leadership, understanding and representation.

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