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Marc A.R Bean

Marc A.R Bean

  • Constituency - 36, Sandys North

Marc A.R. Bean, born in Paget, Bermuda, is an entrepreneur, political leader, licensed bookmaker, chairman, law firm director and  Justice of the Peace. He was elected into the House of Assembly in December 2010, as the MP for Constituency 26, Warwick South Central. He previously served as Minister of Environment, Planning and Infrastructure strategy in 2011 and Junior Minister for Tourism, Transportation, Environment and Sport in 2008

He has served on the Bermuda Independence Commission, the Telecommunications Commission, the Public Transportation Board, the Public Vehicle Service Licensing Board, the Air Transport Licensing Board, and as the Deputy- Chairman of the West End Development Company (WEDCO).  He is also a qualified air traffic control specialist and possesses an FAA commercial pilot license.

A devout family man, Marc has dedicated his life to public service for the betterment of all Bermudians.

Marc Bean is the Party Leader and FDM candidate for Constituency #36, Sandys North.

Who We Are

The Free Democratic Movement (FDM) was consummated on September 1, 2020, as a direct response to the loud cries from the people of Bermuda for genuine leadership, understanding and representation.

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